环境学院学术报告:The global water community: Opportunities for scientists and engineering

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                                学术报告题目:The global water community: Opportunities for scientists and engineering




                               Dr Christopher George is an expert on internationalisation currently working as Chief International Consultant for Hohai University in Nanjing advising the university on all aspects of internationalisation.


                              For nearly twenty years until stepping down in late 2018 Dr George was Executive Director of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR). Founded in 1935, IAHR is a highly-respected independent, international professional association headquartered in Madrid, Spain and Beijing, China with nearly five thousand members - mostly university academics -  from nearly one hundred countries.


                              Dr George was responsible for all aspects of running the organisation reporting to the council of elected volunteers. During this period he developed close links with universities and research organisations throughout the world. From 2015 he was mostly based in Beijing in China developing links with leading universities and research centres throughout China and establishing a new headquarters office for IAHR. These responsabilities included assisting universities develop research links, organising international congresses, developing student exchange mechanisms, developing international publications, and developing new media for communications and knowledge sharing. Dr George also worked as an advocate for investment in science for solving water problems internationally through close links with relevant UN agencies, and other global bodies involved in water issues.


                              Most recently has been working on developing partnerships between universities in Europe and China Before joining IAHR in 2001, Dr George was for ten years director of HR Wallingford the privatised UK national research organisation for civil engineering hydraulics. He was responsible for all aspects of  internationalisation.


                              Dr George has over forty years experience of working at all levels with governments, companies, NGOs, international bodies, and universities working as an expert in the water sector. In his earlier career he developed and used software for designing irrigation systems and water supply networks around the world.He has resided for extended periods in many countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Italy, the Netherlands as well as his native UK, and currently resides in Nanjing, China and Madrid in Spain! He has a wide-ranging and profound understanding of different cultures and business practices around the world.


                              In 2018 Dr George was awarded the Friendship Medal by chinese Vice Premier Dr Liu He for services to China. This award is the highest honour granted by the chinese government to foreign experts.




                              1970- 1973BSc (First Class Honours) in Civil Engineering, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England


                              - Mather Book Prize for best graduating student in Applied Sciences

                              - Institution of Civil Engineers Award for best civil engineering graduating student in northern england universities


                              1973 - 1977PhD, University of Cambridge, UK in fluid mechanics


                              1992Diploma in Marketing of Professional Services, Cranfield University, England


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