环境学院学术报告:Stormwater nutrient attenuation in a constructed wetland: Diurnal to decadal dynamicsring

                              来源:环境学院 作者:环境学院 发布时间:2019-06-19


                              学术报告题目:Stormwater nutrient attenuation in a constructed wetland: Diurnal to decadal dynamicsring



                              Short summary: The presentation will highlight stormwater nutrient, particularly nitrogen and phosphorus, attenuation in a surface flow constructed wetland in Western Australia under different hydrological, biogeochemical and climatic conditions. Although the constructed wetland was built in 2004, a retrofication was performed after six years of operation to improve overall performance. The research adopted a holistic approach to investigate nutrient attenuation at diurnal, event, seasonal, annual and decadal scale through a synthesis of meteorological, water quality and quantity, sediment quality and macrophyte data. Nutrient species, except filtered total oxidised nitrogen (NOx), attenuated immediately after the wetland restoration. However, NOx attenuation started to increase significantly three years after the restoration. Over decadal scales, attenuation of inorganic and dissolved nitrogen, such as NOx and ammonia (NH3) was higher than the attenuation of total nitrogen (TN) and dissolved organic nitrogen (DON). The sediments were a larger nutrient sink than macrophytes in the constructed wetland. A distinct diurnal dissolved oxygen signature was observed in the constructed wetland, with anoxia at night, while groundwater was hypoxic throughout the year. The research developed a low-cost proxy “metabolism” indicator using the diurnal change in dissolved oxygen. This proxy indicator could be used to indicate constructed wetland function when resources constrain the intensity of routine sampling.  


                              Dr. Tanveer Adyel is working as a Lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University, Australia. Earlier, he received his PhD at the University of Western Australia. His research area includes constructed wetland and biofilter for water quality management, sensor based real-time environmental monitoring etc.   


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