环境学院学术报告:Advanced oxidation processes and biological and membrane systems in wastewater treatment

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                              Title: Advanced oxidation processes and biological and membrane systems in wastewater treatment

                              lecturerProf Noemi Merayo

                              Tech. University Madrid, Spain





                              Main research lines are focused on papermaking process, wastewater treatment and nanocellulose production and application.   

                              Papermaking process research line is related to flocculation, retention and drainage processes, paper recycling and water management for industrial production: water consumption minimization and water circuits’ closure.

                              Wastewater treatment research line is related to wastewater treatment technologies, including coagulation-flocculation, biological treatments, membrane technologies, membrane bioreactors and advanced oxidation processes. Implementation and start-up of laboratory and pilot plants. Lately, anaerobic treatment improvement, new radiation sources of UV light, development of support systems for heterogeneous catalysis and the evaluation of optimum treatments combinations to handle problematic wastewaters. On-line control of the reactions with FTIR technology and degradation routes for target pollutants.

                              Nanocellulose research line is related to the study and optimization of nanocellulose production, including cellulose nanofibers, cellulose nanocrystals and bacterial cellulose. The application of nanocellulose as reinforcing agent in different matrix, particularly paper. Searching for new applications of nanocellulose, such as the use of nanocellulose in the wastewater treatment field (flocculants based on nanocellulose, catalysis support, membrane production and so on.



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